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Here's what people are saying after a "SPINNER'S GRINNERS" ™ LAUGHTER YOGA experience:

"..an amazing experience.  It took a horrible day and made it 100 X better!"

"I love the teacher, the people that attended and the fact that I was able to relax, forget about my worries and just laugh them away.  It was fabulous."

"What I like the most is the feeling of exercising vigorously with very little effort."

"The laughter is infectious, so uplifting.  Thank you!"

"...amazing.  You are a natural - I really loved it all and kept thinking about how healthy this is."

"What I liked best is how good I felt during and after!  My mind felt so light and happy and I want to keep the feeling."

"I loved meeting new people and enjoying feeling free with them...a fun evening!"

"It made me bring out my inner child.  I really love to play.  Don't get a chance or don't allow it."

"What I liked most is living in the moment...right brain stimulation."

​"...I remembered that I don't need an excuse or reason to laugh or be happy.  Thank you for that!  I'm feeling relaxed, calm and at peace."  

"...I'm so relaxed today after last night's laughter yoga.  Thanks for all you do!"  

"I love everything about it...body, mind and soul!"