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Consider This. . .

  • The cost of healthcare increases 9 times faster than wages.  Because of our poor diets, we superimpose even greater costs on a healthcare system that is already in serious trouble.
  • Millions are spent in the United States on healthcare, but we're NOT the healthiest.  What's with that?
  • Eight out of ten people have ailments and may not realize that chemicalized junk foods have side effects that affect their health.
  • Adult-onset diabetes occurs in children as young as seven.  Plaque is forming in the arteries of three-year-olds.
  • Sadly, the time has come where parents are more likely to outlive their children!
  • Processed foods can contain 500 mg transfat per serving and STILL be labeled "O% transfat."
  • There's no time like the present to incorporate wholesome unprocessed foods into one's life.

So I ask you. . . 

What if one conversation could change your life?

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