June 2017 Newsletter

Wellness Gems:  Healthy Alternative to Non-Stick Sprays

Quote of the Month;

The Power of Meditation;

Resistance Training, a Must;

Rosanne's Scoop-of-the-Month:  Meditation to Prevent/Reverse Alzheimer's disease'

Rosanne's Book-of-the-Month:  "The Plant Paradox" by Steven R. Gundry, M.D.;

Laughter Yoga Defined.

September 2016 Newsletter

Meet Me At the Fair! - the 21st Annual New Hyde Park Street Fair!

Wellness Gems:  Misleading Mammograms;

Rosanne's Book of the Month: "What if This is Heaven?"

Meal Regularity and Fat Loss

Recipe of the Month:  Rosanne's One-Dish-Dinner Chicken Salad

Laughter Yoga Defined.

August 2016 Newsletter

Wellnes Gems:  What Diet Works???

Sleeping Positions 101;

Rosanne's Healthy Pick-of-the-Month:  Osteobroth Bone Broth;

Recipe of the Month:  BBLT Dinner Salad;

Laughter Yoga Defined

April/May 2016 Newsletter

Wellness Gems:  "Blue-Ray Blockers" - Sleep Aid

"Slow-Burn Fitness Revolution" - The Slow-Motion Exercise that Will Change Your Body in 30 Minutes a Week;

Suggested Reading:  "The Slow-Burn Fitness Revolution";

Recipe of the Month:  Chickpea Snack;

Laughter Yoga Defined

March 2016 Wellness LoveLetter

Wellness Gems:  Which 'fabric' makes the best socks?

Mindfulness Practice:  The Best Kept Secret to Happiness

Suggested Reading:  "The Wisdom of Groundhog Day"

Recipe of the Month:  Rosanne's Strong-Bone Smoothie

Laughter Yoga Defined

February 2016

​Wellness Gems: Is Chlorine or Fluorine Sabotaging Your Efforts?

The "Good Egg" Deserves a Second Chance!

Suggested Reading:  “BrainMaker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal & Protect Your Brain - For Life” 

Recipe of the Month:  Rosanne's New-Age Roasted Cauliflower

Laughter Yoga Defined

January 2016

Wellness Gems: Don’t Discard Those Pits/Seeds!

 Food Labeling or Lack of It

 8 Things to Give Up in 2016

 Recipe of the Month: Rosanne’s Black Bean Confetti Salad

 Laughter Yoga Defined 

November 2015

Wellness Gems: Take an “Amish Hour” Before Bedtime 

How Good “Sleep Hygiene” Protects Your Brain and Heart 

Laughter Yoga Defined 

Recipe of the Month: Kale Caesar! Salad 

October 2015

Wellness Gems: Fabric Softeners/Fabric Softener Sheets—Issue  

My Wake-Up Call! 

Foods that Protect You from Radiation 

Recipe of the Month: Rosanne’s Stealth Smoothie 

Spinner’s Grinners: Laughter Yoga Defined 

September 2015

Wellness Gems: Know Your Skin Products Are Safe 

Meet Me At The Fair!  

Protection From MRSA Infections 

Recipe of the Month: Maple Pecan Chia Seed Pudding 

Spinner’s Grinners: Laughter Yoga Defined

August 2015

Wellness Gems: Amazing Coconut Oil 1

Sleep Apnea - A Holistic Approach 

Recipe of the Month: Strawberry Rhubarb Breakfast Parfait  

Spinner’s Grinners: Laughter Yoga Defined

June/July 2015

Wellness Gems: Sleep Tight

Banishing Belly Fat - A Common Goal

​Recipe of the Month:  Eric's Favorite Sautéed Kale (revised)

Recommended Reading:  "Grain Brain"

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

May 2015

Wellness Gems:  Momentary Muscular Failure - - A Success!!

The Analysis of a "Good Egg"

The Safe Use of Lead Crystal Glassware

Recipe of the Month:  Erics Favorite Sautéed Kale

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

November 2014

Wellness Gems:  Who's Guarding the Hen-House?

Is Total Knee Replacement Inevitable?

Recipe of the Month:  Apple, Onion & Cheddar Cheese Meatloaf

Kudos to Retail Stores

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

​October 2014

Wellness Gems:  Preventing Antibiotic Resistance

October is Non-GMO Month - Consider What is at Stake

"Make a Difference Day" October 25, 2014

Recipe of the Month:  Pumpkin Parfait Breakfast

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

September 2014

Wellness Gems:  Humor's Effect on Memory

Meet Me at the Fair!  

Rules for Food Safety

Recipe of the Month:  Pasta Caponata Casserole

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

August 2014

Wellness Gems:  Tanning Beds & Cancer

25 Reasons NOT to Replace Your Electric Meter with a "Smart Meter"

​Never Underestimate the Power of the Boycott!

Recipe of the Month:  Farro Salad

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined

June 2014

Wellness Gems:  Cutting the Mold

March Against Monsanto Rally - Outcry for Truth in Labeling

Recipe of the Month:  Rosanne's Doggone Simple Savory Meatloaf

Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga Defined



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