-Improves concentration;
  -Relieves on-the-job stress;
  -Strengthens killer T-cell response;
  -Lowers blood pressure;
  -Oxygenates the blood and all major organs;
  -Often cures chronic depression;
  -Increases endorphin levels, thus reducing aches

   and pains;
  -Boosts the immune, digestive and sexual systems;
  -Boosts self-confidence;
  -Massages the lymphatic system, thus increasing the

    rate of toxic elimination 15-fold;
  -We become more stress-resistant;
  - Can relieve PTSD;
  -Is a cardiovascular workout in itself!
  -Group laughter has long and short-term lasting

Source:  American Journal of Medical Sciences,  

                    Alternative Therapies, Psychology Today

Video Links:  Meet Rosanne


​                                  Newsday Visits Spinner's Grinners Laughter Yoga in New Hyde Park

Laughter yoga is a form of low-impact cardio exercise, preventive (lifestyle) medicine and a complementary option to the established therapeutic strategies for physical, mental and emotional health.  We do a series of laughter, breathing and playfulness exercises with many scientifically documented health benefits.   

It offers a versatile, reliable and easy to use, multidisciplinary and holistic approach to health care that combines various elements from other wellness modalities into a smooth and fluid blend.  

"Laughter yoga is a combination of deep controlled breathing, stretching and forced laughter that engages your  and improves lung capacity."   Dr. Madan Kataria, MD 

At Spinner's Grinners™ Laughter Yoga Class, we do simple laughter-based activities that help heal body, mind and spirit.  I incorporate my knowledge of holistic health, reiki or qigong into every class.  All activities are done either standing or sitting.  We will not be laying on the floor.   No fancy movements necessary.  

Laughter yoga brings anyone into a place of unconditional acceptance. At laughter yoga sessions, inhibitions fall and people are able to access a space of unconditionality - childlike playfulness - childlike acceptance of themselves and those participating. What distinguishes laughter yoga from other meditative practices is that this unconditionality occurs within the context of relationships.  Laughter Yoga is supported by powerful tools derived from the Western psycho-analytical methods as well as Eastern spiritual laws.  It can help you to stay in high spirits when life throws up challenges. It can enhance your ability to laugh and smile when dealing with negative emotions, situations and negative or difficult people.  It makes you heal better, feel better, boosts resilience, and so much more!   I advise participants that -  just for a while - they can leave worries, stressors and any other troublesome thoughts behind.  But for a while, we will play, laugh a lot, and generally feel good.  

My classes are geared to Men, Women, Seniors (ages 13-80).    Class duration is 70 minutes long.  


DISCLAIMER:  As with any other form of exercise, laughter yoga  is not intended to substitute for the medical advice of physicians.  Be advised not to take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, and comfort level.   A participant should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.  

​​  Why Should You "Value" Laughter Yoga?  View this highly informative 8 min. video for the  

  answer: Click HERE for Video  


Spinner's Grinners™ Laughter Yoga (2009-2018)

  No Hype, Just Hope!
  1 minute of sustained laughter = 10 minutes cardio

  When it comes to alleviating pain, laughter is 200

  times more powerful than morphine!
  No Knowledge of Yoga Necessary
  No Special Equipment or Clothing Needed
  No Fancy Movements
  Everyone can do this - no joke!
  It doesn't get any better!
  Be Healthy By Choice, Not as a Consequence!
  You don't need to be happy;
  You don't need to be funny;
  You don't need to have a reason;
  You don't even need a sense of humor!
  All you need is a willingness to participate!
  Laughter Yoga Changes Lives.  Consistently.


"Playing together, we discover trust. Laughing together, we discover harmony. Through play and laughter, we transcend tragedy, we challenge our physical limits, we celebrate health, we create community, we transform reality."

Bernie DeKoven, master of play and laughter

​​Attention Business Owners/Office Managers in the New Hyde Park area: 

​Would you like your staff to experience a "Laughter Yoga Work-Break" at your job site?  It can usually be arranged!

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 Be prepared to lose 80 calories during a laughter yoga session


Welcome to the World of Therapeutic Laughter!

Come join me to reap the resilience benefits of

laughter, meditation and mindfulness.