​Harness the power of individual color frequencies to heal the body and emotions through sympathetic resonance​​​



Each color possesses a unique healing frequency.             The attraction we feel to certain colors is

    not a matter of chance.

​              Color Energy Healing Session

​​Having a deep respect and awe for nature, one day I pondered the thought:  There are LAWS of gravity. They cannot be repealed, abridged, broken or defied.  They just ARE.  Therefore, there is no wonder that the energy in the human body (the chakras) and the universe (the color rays in the rainbow) have an ORDERLY connection, just as the laws of gravity.  They are a CONSTANT and represent a certain ORDER in the universe.  

Color vibrations are a source of power, each one having a general as well as a specific function and purpose.  Color rays have the ability to heal us:  mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.   This is a profound and powerful holistic healing modality which renews, balances, revives and restores energy on all levels.  During this 45-minute health promoting session, you will explore, both visually and even aromatically, how certain color(s) promote YOUR personal wellness.   Based on the information you obtain during your session, you will receive  a holistic prescription custom-tailored to you.

What to expect at a Color Energy Healing session:

 We will explore which color or colors you are visually drawn to.   In addition, we will explore the "sound" vibration also associated with that color.

By the end of our 45-minute session, you will take home a 'color prescription' custom-tailored to you, as well as a positive "affirmation" associated with that color - to incorporate into your daily life, in many and any ways you wish as an energy healing modality.

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What we perceive as "color"  are vibrations of light emanating from the sun as their origin, and these color rays are a force of energy.  If you ask a person, "how does the color 'blue' make you feel, as compared to red?"  You will routinely get an answer such as, "Well, red is stimulating, and blue is serene, peaceful."  No matter how many people you ask, there is an ORDER and a CONSTANT as to the effect that 'color' has on us.  

A very interesting fact:  When the energy chakras are viewed in the human body, they emanate as color that appears in the same ORDER as the colors of the rainbow.  This was no surprise to me, as when I studied Qigong, it was revealed that our bodies indeed are "small universes", and therefore, the "rainbow connection" made total sense.  When our bodies and the universe are in synchrony, it is a healing experience.  

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